Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The last time I saw my father I was 30, I think.  For some reason today it occurred to me that I had taken a video recorder with me a camcorder whatever and I had the opportunity to interview him and I really didn't because I was so socially anxious I couldn't even formulate the questions.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

For some reason today, I was thinking about when my grandparents died. So I looked it up on my genealogy page, my janeaology, and grandpa died 7/17/85, and granma died 4/7/89.  So I went to college at Reed, starting in the fall of 1983, my freshman summer would have been 1984, my sophomore year would have started fall 1984, and my sophomore summer, 1985 and grandpa died in July of that year.  My friend Joyful helped me help grandma move into an apartment after she sold the house.  I graduated in 1987, so gramma was still alive, though I don't have pictures of her at my graduation and I don't remember why.