Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I'm collecting photos of myself at every year of age and trying to find pics of my mother and grandmother at each age (if I can) and comparing our aging process.  Some of the ages are guesses.  I have to track down the photos and see if there are years on them.

age 6 mos.
(Andrea with) Jane,   (Inez with) Andrea,  (Henriette with) Inez
1965/6                1939/40                      1907

age 1
Jane,                  Andrea

age 2
(Inez with) Jane,                          Andrea
age 2.5

Jane                               Andrea                            Inez
mom always had the curliest hair

age 3


age 4
Jane (with Josh)

                                  (Inez with) Andrea

age 5

first grade, age 5 
Jane in first grade,   (Malcolm with) Andrea

age 6
Jane,                               Andrea,                  Inez (age guessed)

age 7
Jane,                                Andrea


age 8
Jane (confirmed as 8),             Inez (not sure of age)


age 9

age 10

age 11


age 12


age 13
middle school, I hated how I looked from here on...

age 14
I have far too much hair for long hair... so not flattering


My father at 14

age 15


age 16



picture labeled 1923 or 1924?

age 17
here's where I finally figure out that I need a side, not a middle, part!


age 18 
Jane,                            Andrea on wedding day

This is when I first cut all my hair off.  
I must have been inspired by Annie Lennox.

age 19

age 20

When my grandparents were at Reed.  Mom at Reed.


not sure if these are age 20?
I don't know how I grew my hair back out that fast?
Not sure of my age in the pic on the left, actually I think I'm older.


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