Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My husband and I spent Christmas 2013 visiting San Francisco.



First we lived at 725 Vallejo, in North Beach, San Francisco, CA, the last few months of 1965.

Then we moved to Russian Hill but we don't have the address



We moved to 221 Downey St. #1 in Haight Ashbury in February of 1967, and my late brother Josh was born  in May of 1968.  It was a lower flat and we shared it with Barbara and Megan and various other people over the coming months. Our room was in the back of the flat and had a great view.

In June 1968, just after Josh was born, we moved to 2436 Jones St., back in North Beach by Coit Tower.  Here we lived with Leah and Shoshannah and various other people. In August 1968 we moved in briefly with my friend Linda (and Sylvia and Shekinah) who is now Electra.

bet this was taken at the park across the street

By October 1968, we shared a flat with two women at 95 Scott St. (I was 3 by then), back in the Haight. The three of us had one big room.  Mom went to an encounter group at that time.

In October 1968, when Josh was 6 months old, we moved to a little apartment next door in a building to Leah and Shoshannah on 1822 McAllister, across the panhandle from The Haight. It was here that mom began to scheme to move to Marin County.


 It looks like someone is using it for storage now.

We moved in with a woman named Donette, and later a rock band, Steve and Florence and their two kids, and various others, in San Anselmo in April 1969 at 1431 Sir Francis Drake.  Our room was in the garage and had a sliding glass door to the back yard.  We watched the moon landing in this house, July 20, 1969.

Mt. Tamalpais

In April 1970 we moved to Fairfax, somewhere on Bolinas Rd., a little house with back yard on a very busy street. Mom started working for the Marin County Economic Opportunity Council. This was the house where we had the male babysitter named Chris, I think. He rented our enclosed front porch for awhile.


In July 1971, we moved to 116 D St. in San Rafael, where I started school at Short School.


In 1974, we moved to 1921 Delaware, in Berkeley, CA, where mom went to school for one term.  Josh and I were each sent to different schools due to integration. Later that year, we moved to Corvallis, OR, when I was 9.


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