Sunday, August 1, 2010

Even though I have lived in Oregon most of my life, I will always be a Californian. I would move back if it weren't so expensive to live there, or at least that's the excuse in my mind. After living in San Francisco, my mom moved with me and Josh to San Anselmo, Fairfax, San Rafael (Marin Co.), and finally Berkeley. We stayed in the Bay Area until I was 9, in 1974. Then we moved to Oregon.

What I remember about California was sunshine and freedom. I remember a cumquat tree down the street. I remember a male babysitter with a motorcycle. I remember a floor heater over which I melted crayons on wax paper and made pressings. I remember lots of kittens! I remember this boy that lived upstairs, David. And a box of playboys at the top of those stairs. I remember rollerskating! I remember falling in love with candy. I remember being thin and happy. But it was also crazy with people and sometimes scary. I remember being so poor we took donations from outside Good Will in the dark.

Info. from mom:

In April 1969 we moved to the house in San Anselmo. 1431 Sir Francis Drake Blvd. with a woman named Donette at first and later the rock band folks - Steve and Florence and their 2 kids and various others. Our room was in the garage and had a sliding door to the back yard. We watched the landing on the moon in this house.

In April 1970 we moved to Fairfax, somewhere on Bolinas Rd., a little house with back yard on a very busy street. I started working for the Marin County Economic Opportunity Council. This was the house where you had the male babysitter named Chris, I think. He rented our enclosed front porch for awhile.

We moved to San Rafael in July 1971. 116 D St.

lemons on christmas

We were here until some time in 1974 or so when I moved us to the apartment in Berkeley and a term of school at UC.



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